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Dhofar Global is the leading provider of essential products for businesses in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar.

Dhofar Global specializes in supplying the horeca sector, facility management, and corporate businesses with all the essential products necessary for smooth business operations. Our comprehensive product range serves as a one-stop-shop, offering everything from cleaning products and equipment to tissues and stationery.

Dhofar Global was established in 2007 by our founder Dr. Amer Al Rawas after his visit to Dubai. The idea of providing essential products to businesses came to fruition as Dr. Amer Al Rawas recognized a market opportunity from the extensive expansion plans of the region's tourism sector. Initially focused on providing tissues, the company quickly expanded into other product categories due to high demand and a growing loyal customer base.

As a future oriented company, our focus today is on continuous exploration of innovative mechanisms to grow our business. We develop our services and product selection based on the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and sustainability. To support our rapid expansion, we invest in enhancing our digitalization and automation solutions, enabling us to deliver excellent service and exceed customer expectations. We are proud to offer our clients both efficiency and value for money through our world-class e-shop.


Our growth is driven by our loyal customer base including businesses from various industries

  • hotels
  • aviation
  • telecom
  • catering
  • automotive
  • healthcare
  • restaurants
  • petroleum
  • and much more
  • corporate businesses
  • cleaning and facility management


Dr. Amer Al Rawas, the Founder of Dhofar Global, is an award-winning Omani leader, business consultant, executive coach, and public speaker who thrives on helping others to reach their goals while leading fuller, richer, more fulfilling lives.

Born and raised in Salalah, Oman’s third largest city, he has traveled extensively in pursuing his own work, study, and personal objectives. As the Chairman of Dhofar Global, Dr. Amer Al Rawas’ vision is to create a positive impact on people and the environment by helping individuals and companies achieve fulfillment and sustainable growth. He is keen on building on the success achieved in hygiene and public health solutions to transform the company to a global sourcing engine serving clients across borders and offering products across sectors.

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Dhofar Global Journey



Dr. Amer Al Rawas set the vision for Dhofar Global in May.



Reached breakeven within 12 months.



Developed a long-term partnership with Carind & Celtex.


Product Development

Got strong hold of Maxi Roll and aggressively started penetrating the UAE Market.


Real Growth

The start of our exponential growth. 50% y-o-y growth.


Product Diversification

Introducing garbage bags and hygiene products in our range.


Geographical Expansion

Entered Qatar Market.



Entered Oman market through Muscat and Salalah.


Revamping processes and transition to digital workflows.


Product diversification

Introducing the chemical line in our range.

Brand improvement

Registration of trademark in GCC.


Investment in Digitalization

Implementation of ERP and CRM.

Sustainability Drive

Cost-Efficiency Initiative.


Market Segmentation

Manage the focus of sales in 3 main market segments.

Customer Standardization

Implementation of Customer Grading.


Adapting Cost Efficient Operation

Automation such as IVR System and Collection Manager; Outsourcing Local Cheque Collection Leased vehicles.


ISO 9001 certification.


Market Segment Expansion

Kick-off of van sales team.

Improved Company Security

Optimize insurance for receivables.

Expansion into Projects

Awarding of Expo 2020 project.


Warehouse Consolidation

Centralizing operations.

Manifestation of Resilience

Lessen the impact of pandemic through diversified products and market segments.


Exploring new Horizons

Awarding of SEHA Project

Expo 2020 Project Kick-off

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